Dietitian Coordinator Opening

10/26/2018 9:09 AM | Gina Gunderson (Administrator)

This is professional work in developing and implementing nutrition and dietetic services.  The work requires knowledge of nutrition and dietetics and knowledge of objectives, practices and procedures of nutrition programs which are usually gained through education and training.  Contacts require skills in understanding, influencing and communicating with others and are important in providing services to program participants.   The work is performed following substantially diversified procedures and standards with latitude permitted in considering which among many procedures should be followed in what sequence and involves differing situations requiring the use of judgment in searching for solutions or new applications.  The work is performed primarily indoors where there are some risks and hazards, but they are known, predictable and controllable.  Physical demands are minimal.  Operates a vehicle and standard office equipment such as personal computers using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and other related software, peripheral and electronic devices, copiers and calculators.   The work is performed under limited supervision where the work assignments are subject to practices and procedures covered by precedents and well-defined policies and the work is reviewed, usually after the fact, in terms of quality, volume, timeliness and adherence to methods, standards and policies.

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